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Can Massage Chairs Help Welcome Your Employees Back to the Office? Let Us List the Ways.

Elon Musk has demanded that his employees return to the office…or leave the company. Further, he indicated he would review requests for exceptions to this demand but said, “if you don’t show up, we’ll assume that you have resigned.”

Now that’s an aggressive position to take and he didn’t sugar coat it. That’s not the case with all employers. They’re struggling to figure out the best mix of remote and on-site work. They’re equally challenged with crafting a message that will resonate with a workforce that has adapted (thrived?) at working remotely.

What’s an employer to do?

Maybe they need to sweeten the pot. Prior to the pandemic, companies had made big investments in employee wellness as a means to 1) reduce healthcare costs and 2) help attract and retain employees. These wellness offerings had a positive effect prior to COVID and there’s no reason they can’t now.

Let’s look at one of those wellness offerings – massage chairs – and see how they might help welcome employees back to the office – and how massage chairs can help companies with engagement, recruitment, employee performance and more.

First, who doesn’t like a good massage? Engage Wellness Solutions/LAIDBACK has been delivering massage chairs to employers for the past 4 years. In some cases, companies buy chairs and in others we’re hired to come on-site to massage the massages. We should clarify, the chairs do all of the massaging, we just manage the process. We’ve had thousands of workers use our chairs in their offices and the feedback is always extremely positive. Employees get a full body massage and, most importantly, no one is touching them.

How Massage Can Help Your Employees?

  • Regular massage helps improve muscle memory. Strong muscles in your shoulders, neck and back can help improve your posture.

  • Improve Circulation. Sitting for long hours can slow down the body’s flow of blood. Massage helps stimulate the flow of blood and lymph vessels to restore circulation.

  • Stress Relief. Massage helps increase the positive hormones like endorphins, serotonin and dopamine production to help you relax, as the day gets stressful.

  • Loosen tight and sore muscles. Regular massage helps keep muscles loosened. When muscles and joints are more flexible, it helps your body maintain the correct alignment when lifting and bending.

  • Better Sleep. When muscles feel relaxed, you feel relaxed and sleep better. According to, massage can help alleviate stress and decrease cortisol (a stress hormone).

How a Massage Chair Can Help Your Company?

  • Improve Engagement. A Glassdoor Employment Confidence Survey found that 79% of respondents said they would prefer additional perks and benefits over a pay raise. In particular, an Aflac Open Enrollment Survey found that 80% of millennials who are satisfied with their benefits package report high job satisfaction, compared to only 27% who are “not” or “not very” satisfied with their benefits.

  • Decrease Turnover. Four years after implementing a wellness program, the Biltmore Tourism Enterprise experienced a drop from 19% turnover to just 9%. Their director of benefits stated, “Employees who participate in our wellness programs do not leave.” In general, organizations the engage employees with wellness benefits such as in-office massage chairs have turnover rates 44% lower than average, as discovered in a study in the renowned corporate philosophy book “First, Break All The Rules.”

  • Improve Recruitment. Another study featured in “First, Break All The Rules,” found that 60% of employees reported that benefits and perks are a major factor when appraising job offers. This is even more true for the upcoming workforce of millennials.

  • Decrease Healthcare Costs. The Cedars-Sinai Medical Center analyzed blood samples of individuals before and after massage, and found a large increase in white blood cells, a major part of the immune system that fights disease. In addition, there were chemical indicators of improved mental health, including higher levels of dopamine and serotonin, the hormones that increase happiness, and lower levels of cortisone, the hormone that causes stress.

  • Improve Performance. University of Miami School of Medicine discovered in a study the 15 minutes in a massage chair enhances measurable EEG brain activity in adults. In addition, these adults performed more quickly and accurately in mathematical testing after receiving the massage, while groups without massage showed no improvements. This means that regular massage can likely enhance employee’s mental capacity to grow their skills and learn new responsibilities.

  • Decrease Work Injuries. The Financial Times reported that a company in Ontario, Canada experienced a decrease of $200,000 in worker’s compensation claims and 25% in time off for work-related injuries after implementing a massage program.

LAIDBACK/Engage Wellness Solutions, and their retail company LAIDBACK, offer massage chairs to employers in 3 ways:

  1. Having massage chairs at your office allows for anyone to get a massage anytime. It’s a great solution for a hybrid workforce where employees are only in the office some of the time and ideal for workforces with employees that work outside the normal 9-5 hours.

  2. Short-Term Rental. For companies in MA, RI, southern NH, northern CT, we offer short-term (3-5 business days) rental of massage chairs. This is great for hybrid workforces and offers unlimited massages during the rental term.

  3. Managed Service. Like hiring a massage therapist, we bring two massage chairs in to your office to massage your employees. We provide an on-line sign-up tool, manage the transition from one user to the next and make sure everyone has the best possible experience. Available in MA, RI, southern NH and northern CT.

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