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Coach D/F.I.E.R.C.E.

Coach D, aka Derith Cass, leads fitness training for women in the metro Boston area. Her program, FIEECE (Fight for what we believe in, Inspire others to do the same, Encourage each other along the way, Reach out to those that need us, Coach ourselves and each other, Empower all to believe it is possible) has helped hundreds of women lose thousands of pounds by finding the path that best fits them, and pushing themselves beyond where they thought they could go! The InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer has been an integral part of her program as it allows her clients to see and understand the positive changes they are making. 


UNC Mens Lacrosse - 2016 National Champions!

The UNC Mens Lacrosse Team has found their chair to be a great addition to their training regimen. It's ideal for their healthy athletes as it allows them to recover faster from the abuse their body takes from practices and games. It's also been very helpful for those athletes that are waiting to return to play. The chair aids with loosening and stretching sore muscles and joints before or after treatment by their trainers. 

It's been so popular that the womens lacrosse and soccer teams got their own chair!

LTCP Wellness Room.jpg

The Zen Den

If you're going to invest in employee wellness, go all in.


Long Term Care Partners converted an empty office into their "Zen Den" complete with a massage chair, relaxing music, a full wall beach scene, and some plants. It's a great way to allow the employee to relax, recover and rejuvenate. 


WGBH Boston

I met Engage Wellness Solutions a couple of years ago at the Perks Convention in Boston. I tried out the massage chair and was immediately hooked. You can't even call it a massage chair, it's a recliner and better than any massage I have ever had. We brought Engage into my company and employees love the experience! I have them in every few months. They're easy to work with, friendly, provides outstanding customer service and is easy to schedule. After such a success with the massage chair we also brought in the Body Assessment machine. Employees loved it and we've had almost 100 employees participate with many of those taking action after getting the results. 

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