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Ready to buy a massage chair for your office, school, spa, gym, condo association, community center, workout room, waiting room, show room or even for home? You've come to the right place. Engage Wellness Solutions is an authorized reseller for Infinity Massage Chairs, the fastest growing brand in the U.S.


Are you an HR professional charged with attracting and retaining the best possible employees? Are you in charge of wellness programs for your company, school or community? Is stress reduction something for which your employees or students would benefit? Do you have a big event or trade show coming up and you need something to really differentiate yourself.


Consider adding Infinity Massage Chairs from Engage Wellness Solutions.



The Infinity SmartChair X3 massage chair is not only sleek and sophisticated, but also features advanced 3D/4D technology. Choose from five levels of intensity and three unique 3D/4D auto programs. Bluetooth® compatibility. It can even be controlled through our mobile apps, available for both Apple® and Android™ devices. The SmartChair X3 massage chair features an amazing stretch, lumbar heat, chromotherapy, soothing foot rollers, and a powerful deep tissue massage.



This luxurious chair possesses a long list of restorative techniques and features. The Riage 4D provides complete relaxation with 3D massage technology and an L-track that massages from the neck down your spine all the way to your gluteus muscles. Enjoy pinpoint accuracy with every rub-down and choose from a variety of massage styles. Powerful foot rollers will provide relaxation to sore or swollen feet. Plus, users can easily control their Riage 4D with the mobile app, available for both Apple and Android.



The Infinity® Genesis Max is sure to turn heads with its sleek outer shell and synthetic leather interior. Infinity has spared no luxuries when it comes to this unique model, which features 4D massage technology, allowing you to choose from five intensity levels. For added convenience, there is also a USB port for charging your devices and zero-wall space saving technology. To ensure the most personalized massage, the Genesis Max also includes height-adjustable shoulder airbags, automatic footrest extension, and Body Scanning Technology.


The Infinity Riage 4D


Shopping for a massage chair can be challenging. We're here to make your life simple by featuring a chair we know will deliver the features you need, the comfort and quality you expect, and has a distinguished look that's guaranteed to turn heads. How do we know this? We've witnessed thousands of people experience the benefits this chair offers. It's no wonder the Riage 4D is Infinity's best-selling chair in the corporate market. 

riage4d extend.jpg

Massage Techniques Include:

Rubbing, Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Shiatsu, Combination

Airbag Pressure Massage Technology for:

Shoulders, Arms & Wrists, Lower Waist, Lumbar & Buttock, Leg & Feet

Product Size:

Upright - 59" L x 30" W x 47" H

​Reclined - 69" L x 35.5" W x 41" H

Product Weight - 240 lbs.

Max Weight Capacity: Approx. 300 lbs

Roller Stroke Length of 49"

The advanced technology of the Riage 4D massage chair’s 49 inch massage track serves to reach muscles others can't to promote a more enjoyable and rewarding human-like massage experience that leave you in no doubt that it is a cut above the rest.

3D Massage

The four wheel roller mechanism can be adjusted in or out to accommodate those looking for a gentler massage or those who want a deeper, more penetrating massage. 

Spinal Correction

The additional features of the Celebrity massage chair allow you to enjoy pressurized massage strokes from the cervical spine through to the lumbar region in long magical strokes. The high-tech rollers knead out unwanted tension to promote spinal rejuvenation and soothe stress.


The Riage 4D massage chair's foot ottoman delivers the ultimate Rolls-Royce experience for your feet, both in terms of comfort and relief. Each foot is equipped with 8 airbags and 3 rolling sole massagers designed specifically to squeeze, knead, roll and swing massage the sole, arch, heel and ankle.


The roller track for the Riage 4D has been tailored to cover the upper body to lower body from vertical to horizontal directions, resulting in its L-Track design. The vertical portion of its track has a natural "S" curve for the spine. This improves comfort and performance of the rollers against your spine to soothe stress and alleviate tension, providing long-lasting comfort. While the horizontal rollers work down to the mid-thigh and glute area of your body for a whole-body massage experience.

Two Zero Gravity Positions

As the chair reclines to the back, you enjoy an out of this world feeling of relief. As the legs elevate to the same level as your heart, you sink deeper into relaxation as the pressures and stress on your spine are eliminated. Your heart rate slows as your blood pressure declines calming both the body and mind, releasing tension from your fatigued muscles.​

Blue tooth Technology for music streaming and app control

Slip away into the sounds of the ocean or wherever your relaxation place may be. Incorporate it through sounds to create that therapeutic ambiance with the Riage 4D Bluetooth enabled sound system. Enjoy your favorite tunes through your personal mobile device and sink deeper to that happy place. Use the IOS or Android App to control your chair.

Lumbar Heat

Fully appreciate the Riage 4D's heat feature as it warms the muscles to release tension and prepare them for a deeper massage. The heating modules warm up on your command to gradually reduce pain and tightness in the muscles making them vulnerable to the rollers' customizable intensity levels.

Request A Quote or Need More Information?

Ready to add chairs to your location? Send us a note - let us know what you're looking for, how you plan on using it, and any questions you have and we'll get back to you promptly. Feel free to call as well. We have access to other chairs from Infinity so if you think a different chair will suit your needs better, just ask. 


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