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Are you an HR professional charged with attracting and retaining the best possible employees?

Are you in charge of wellness programs for your company, school or community?

Is stress reduction something for which your employees or students would benefit?

Do you have a big event or trade show coming up and you need something to really differentiate yourself?


Consider offering massage chairs from Engage Wellness Solutions. 


So you say you've had chair massage in your facility or at your event before. What's the story?

  • A corporate chair massage typically covers the neck, shoulders and maybe your arms. Our chairs massage you from head to toe. In less than 15 minutes we cover the neck, shoulders, back, hips, glutes, calves, ankles and we even offer reflexology for your feet. Many tell us the reflexology alone is worth it. 

  • Our massage is hands-free. Let's face it, some people just don't like to be touched. Here's a way you can offer everyone in your group a comprehensive massage. And by the way, we don't need to talk to you either so you can totally find your happy place without interference. You can even stream your own music through the speakers in the chair.

  • We don't get tired. The chair is always ready for the next person so we can be at your event all day long. 

  • We're consistent but we can also shake things up. Looking to relax? We've got you covered. Want something a bit deeper and more intense? No problem. Need to focus on a particular part of the body? Just tell us where.  

  • We make your life easier. A traditional chair massage involves a 3rd party which, unfortunately in today's world, presents liability, privacy and personal comfort challenges for your group or organization. Give yourself a break and minimize those concerns.

Introducing a New Twist on Office Chair Massage

We bring in premium massage chairs to your office to massage your employees. It's a great way to reduce stress and anxiety, increase productivity, promote creativity, lighten the mood and help employees feel wanted and appreciated. These chairs are not like those found in the mall - they deliver a full-body, head-to-toe massage experience using a combination of rollers and air compression. Perfect for corporate employee wellness or employee appreciation events in New England.

Wait a minute. I've seen these chairs at the mall, airport and salon. What's the big deal?

So have we. You're going to have to trust us for a moment here. Simply said, these are nothing like the chairs you've seen before. It's why we say, "sitting is believing!​​"

Every massage starts with a "mapping" of your body (don't get concerned here - no information about your body is retained.) This "mapping" is critical to a great massage as the chair is figuring out where your neck, shoulders and waist are so it can put the rollers in the right place. Once the chair gets to know you, you get a custom massage. And we haven't even mentioned the compression therapy you get with the airbags installed throughout the chair. Did we tell you about the reflexology? OMG! 


We know you want to believe us but listen to what real, actual users of our chairs have to say:

"OMG. Really, OMG. That was so much more than I expected."


"I'm staying here all day long. Has anyone cancelled their appointment later today? I'll gladly fill their spot."


"Can I get one of these for my home?"


"My feet thank you. My neck and shoulders thank you."


"I was a little leery when the rollers went below my waist but the glute massage was just what I needed.

I can't remember that last time I got massaged there!"


Most of us are familiar with the basics of massage. Besides the fact that it feels so darn good, massage is known to help reduce stress, decrease pain, minimize muscle tension, enhance physical performance, ease symptoms of depression, improve quality of sleep, lower blood pressure, increase range of motion, etc. 

Improve Performance

University of Miami School of Medicine discovered in a study that 15 minutes in a massage chair enhances measurable EEG brain activity in adults. In addition to changes in the brain scans, these adults performed more quickly and accurately in mathematical testing after receiving the massage, while groups without massage showed no improvements. This means that regular massage can likely enhance employee's mental capacity to grow their skills and learn new responsibilities. 

Improve Engagement

Glassdoor's 2015 Employment Confidence Survey found that 79% of the respondents said they would prefer additional perks and benefits over a pay raise. In particular, the 2016 Aflac Open Enrollment Survey found that 89% of millenials who are satisfied with their benefits package report high job satisfaction, compared to only 27% who are "not" or "not very" satisfied with their benefits.

Improve Recruitment

A study featured in the renowned corporate philosophy book, "First, Break All The Rules", found that 60% of employees reported that benefits and perks are a major factor when appraising job offers. This is even more true for the upcoming workforce of millennials, as 72% have reported they are more likely to take a job with better benefits over a job with better pay, as discovered in the 2016 Aflac Open Enrollment Survey.

Decrease Work Injuries

The Financial Times reported that a company in Ontario, Canada, experienced a decrease of $200,000 in worker's compensation claims and 25% in time off for work-related injuries after implementing a massage program. The Group Health Research Institute found that massage recipients with chronic back pain (the most common area for workplace strain or injury) were more active, spent fewer days in bed, and used less pain medication than those who did not receive massage treatment.

Decrease Turnover

Four years after implementing a wellness program, the Biltmore Tourism Enterprise experienced a drop from 19% turnover to just 9%. Their director of benefits and compensation has stated, "Employees who participate in our wellness programs do no leave." In general, organizations that engage employees with wellness benefits such as in-office massage chairs have turnover rates 44% lower than average, as discovered in a study "First, Break All The Rules."

Decrease Healthcare Costs

The Cedars-Sinai Medical Center analyzed blood samples of individuals before and after massage, and found a large increase in white blood cells, a major part of the immune system that fights disease. In addition, there were chemical indicators of improved mental health, including higher levels of dopamine and serotonin, the hormones that increase happiness, and lower levels of cortisone, the hormone that causes stress.


If you're in the Boston metro area, west to Worcester, south to Cape Cod and Providence and north to Manchester and Portsmouth, we can be at your office, school or event. Look below. There it is - our contact information. Give us a call or send an email. We're ready to show you that sitting really is believing!



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