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Don’t judge massage chairs based on those you found at the mall.

Are the massage chairs used by Engage Wellness Solutions like the massage chairs found in the mall or airport or turnpike rest stop or nail salon? We get this question all the time. And it’s a legitimate question because where else have you seen a massage chair?

The quick answer is NO! The slightly longer answer is please don’t let any experience you had in any of the aforementioned chairs affect your view of our massage chairs. Unless of course you liked it and in that case, you’re going to love our chairs!

Mall Chairs:

Massage chairs found at the mall fit a wide variety of people and offer a semi-relaxing experience (with hundreds of people watching you!) For the most part, they deliver on that. They’re a great way to chew up some time while your partner shops. That said, there’s little thought given to what body type is sitting in the chair or what physical challenges the user may be facing. There’s one massage program the chair uses and there’s one track the rollers follow. Simply put, you put your dollar in and you get what you get.

Nail Salon Chairs:

Nail salon chairs are a slightly different offering. They’re designed to be a complement to the real service – nails. In our travels we’ve heard from hundreds of (mostly) women who have sat in these chairs and it’s almost unanimous – they aren’t very good. In fact, many tell us they ask the salon to turn the chair off – it’s uncomfortable or just not relaxing.

Engage Wellness Massage Chairs:

So what makes our chairs different? One of the most important differences is one you can’t see – body sensing. Body sensing is the chairs ability to figure out who is sitting in the chair – how tall you are, where your neck stops and shoulders start, the width of your back, etc. When a massage chair completes a body scan, it basically sends a virtual map to the rollers telling them where to go. In short, you get a massage customized to YOUR body.

Another unseen but notable difference from massage chairs in the mall is the sophistication and breadth of massage offerings. Our chairs are designed by experts in massage. They’ve built in a variety of massage techniques – kneading, shiatsu, knocking and tapping – that provide therapeutic relaxation and relief. A variety of pre-programmed massages are also included. The massages can be general – extension for stretch, sports refresh for pre/post workout – or targeted that focus on areas like neck and shoulders or waist and spine. One way or another, they’ll find your problem area and work it out.

There are many more differences we can highlight – amazing foot massage for example – but we’ll cover those in future posts. The message we’ll leave you with is that technology has come a very long way in the past couple of years and a premium massage chair can offer you so much more. You owe it to yourself to get out and try one. And you’ll quickly realize our massage chairs are nothing like those you find in the mall….or airport….or nail salon. Ready to be impressed?

Hope to see you soon.


Since we wrote this blog post we have opened up a retail store selling massage chairs and related massage and wellness products. Located in the Natick Mall, you can find massage chairs for your home or business at different price points. Come visit us!

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