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Sitting is the new smoking

Recent research has shown that the number of hours

we sit each day is negatively impacting our health,

even if we are exercising regularly.1 Sitting is an

inevitable part of life, however; from our time in the car

to hours of screen time each day, we are doing too

much sitting and not enough moving around. On

average, we are sedentary for more than

8 hours a day, and this type of inactivity has been

linked to increases in chronic disease, including cancer,

heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.1-3

It’s not hard to convince someone that moving is good

for you, but it’s surprising to find out that too much

sitting can be so harmful. Therefore, the messaging

about long term health and fighting chronic disease is

shifting. It’s no longer just about increasing vigorous or

moderate-intensity physical activity; it’s about decreasing

the time we sit in order to move more, even if the

movement is subtle.4

Understanding this need to move more was the

motivation for a team of designers and engineers at

FluidStance to create the Level—a standing platform

designed to increase movement by eliciting subtle,

constant movement underfoot.

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