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Mindful Activities for a Busy Office

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Monday mornings can be a blur.

Blinking voicemail messages. A full email inbox. To-do lists a mile long. Chat messages.

What if you could start off your week in peace?

If you sing the lyrics to “Manic Monday” as you race through your morning routine, it may be time to slow down.

Better yet, have employees join you.

With so many work tasks demanding attention, it can feel challenging to get focused — and that’s on top of all the daily life demands, too.

Ready to help your employees welcome Monday mornings with a smile instead of a sigh?

Read on.

Easy Mindful Monday Activities

What if your employees could start the week more intentionally? Intentional actions — like mindful activities — help employees make thoughtful choices while being purposeful in their words and responses.

By taking a few minutes every Monday (or daily) to set a calm tone for the workday, it helps everyone feel less frazzled and more in control of what lies ahead.

Here are some easy ways to encourage employees to take a pause on otherwise manic Mondays.

Nature Walk

The benefits of walking in nature include physical and mental perks like reduced depression symptoms and increased relaxation. Plus, it gives walkers a chance to disconnect from technology and enjoy more natural earthy spaces. One study found nature walkers felt happier and more attentive after walking.

How to do it: Have a set time for employees to walk together outside before work starts. Encourage everyone to leave electronics behind.

Mindful Moments Room

If there’s space in your office, let employees know they can retreat to a quiet room when they need to take pause. This space can include everything from adult coloring books to yoga mats for some quiet stretching during breaks. If your budget allows, consider painting walls a serene color like blue, which is known for its calming effects.

How to do it: Make a comfortable space that employees can unwind in, similar to a spa setting. Once space is created, let employees know about it at the next staff meeting or via email. Add a sign on the door that reads, “Shhh! Mindfulness is Progress.” Best of all, this option is great any day of the week, not just on Mondays.

Meditation Morning

Meditation comes in many forms, but it typically brings to mind images of someone sitting quietly, legs crossed in silence. The idea of doing “nothing” can be challenging for newbies, but it helps focus the mind to become mentally clear while setting an emotionally calm state. Harvard studies show meditation benefits many ailments, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, psoriasis, and more.

How to do it: Prior to a staff meeting, ask employees to sit quietly with their eyes closed while they focus on deep breathing for a few minutes. It encourages focus and centering thoughts, which can lead to a more productive meeting.

Or, invite a local meditation teacher or experienced employee to lead a mindfulness session. Another option: Use a free site like Mindfulness Exercises to walk participants through a guided meditation. Set the tone, too. Dim the lights and diffuse essential oils to encourage employees to get comfortable with quietness.

Self-Compassion Pause

Throughout the day, stress piles onto employees. Constant incoming emails, messages about sick kids at school, deadlines — it all adds up. When stress becomes too much, it can make even the most docile employee irritable, angry, or unbalanced.

Taking a mental pause throughout the day encourages self-confidence, resilience, and empathy. It also reminds employees they don’t have to do it all.

How to do it: Share printed copies of this free Self-Compassion Pause worksheet with employees. Whenever they feel overwhelmed or stressed, encourage them to take a moment to step away from work.

Mindfulness Works Any Day

No matter how your company decides to host Mindful Mondays, the idea aims to encourage self-care for stress relief. Additionally, mindful activities help better regulate emotions while decreasing overwhelm.

Mindfulness allows participants to enjoy the present moment without rushing through each to-do item as simply a task to be checked off. It’s about being more aware of emotions and actions.

Any day of the week is great for mindfulness activities, but Mindful Mondays are especially helpful since it sets the tone for the whole week.

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