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Here Are 7 Different Types of Meditation to Try This Summer

By Brendan Brightman,

If you are feeling stressed this summer, meditation can be an effective and easy way to alleviate the pressure. The practice does not require a strenuous amount of physical activity, and it can be done in places as convenient as your own home or backyard.

Here are seven ways to relax in meditation:

 • Mindfulness Meditation: This exercise helps memory and brings awareness to the present through judgment-free observation of one’s surroundings.

• Yoga: The meditation technique can reduce OCD, anxiety and panic by linking physical poses, breathing techniques and meditation.

• Transcendental Meditation: You can reduce stress and burnout by incorporating the repetition of sound or short mantra to keep one’s attention.

• Visualization: Meditators can increase their self-esteem by plugging in some headphones to lead listeners through a series of images and emotions.

• Walking Meditation: Taking a stroll in the park can improve your flexibility and balance if you combine it with observations of your surroundings and a focus on your breathing.

• Loving-Kindness Meditation: Meditating while repeating positive mantras will promote love and kindness and assist you in solving interpersonal conflict.

• Body Scan Meditation: You can lessen intense reactions to stress by meditating while sequentially shifting attention to different parts of your body and focusing on your breathing.

Now, all you have to do is roll-down a mat and get meditating!

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