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Employee Comments: Make 'Em Sweat!

We administer many thousands of workplace surveys each year and more and more often we are finding that employees want to live a healthy lifestyle. While everyone may love the free office donuts, employees also praise employers who provide fresh fruit, healthy snacks and office perks that promote overall mental and physical health. Many companies are realizing the importance of happy, healthy employees and they are making changes to keep their employees feeling great and performing at their best. Implementing healthy changes in the office can not only increase employee engagement, but also reduce stress, lower the number of sick days employees take and increase employee productivity.

Check out some of our favorite employee comments about healthy options their employers offer to team members. These verbatim comments were collected using our Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey. We do not edit or alter reported responses in any way.

"What does this organization do that makes it a place where people would want to work?"

Employee Answers:

“Our bike respite program encourages staff to take a one week paid bicycle vacation each year and this has gotten several staff who don’t normally exercise or ride to get out and do so.”

“The general atmosphere is one of health, fitness and activity. It is truly inspiring and has helped me get myself into better shape physically and mentally.”

“The company provides reimbursement for a fitness membership, provides healthy snacks and a lunch meal along with periodic events and activities (such as a ski day). A bike rack and showers are provided for people who want to ride to work.”

“The focus on fitness and compensating for fitness related activities is a huge benefit. For example, our last team activity was a company sponsored ski trip. Next month we are all competing in a race together.”

“My company is extremely encouraging of an active lifestyle. I am training for an Ironman and I can literally show up at 10:00 am if I have a long ride in the morning. I bike to work every day and I have storage for my bike, showers, and people are accepting if I am sweaty.”

“We get to do yoga every afternoon!”

“I take full advantage of the free gym, subsidized cafeteria, exercise classes and massages. I even ride my bike to work and get paid to do so!”

“Healthy work/life balance. In house yoga, massages, free fruit coffee, and tee, and recess activities. Rewarded for car pooling and riding your bike to work.”

“They offer health/fitness classes on site such yoga, Zumba, and juggling!”

“Our company is serious about the health of employees, as well as the health of the nation and the world. They recently made our campus a non-smoking campus, but went beyond that and covered smoking cessation classes, hypnotherapy and reimbursed employees who choose to quit smoking, while respecting that some employees will continue to choose to smoke. In the same vein they have covered the cost of health coaches for people who are overweight.”

“Yoga classes onsite, free fresh organic fruit in the kitchen, standing desks for those who would like them.”

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It's powerful to know what your employees think! You can identify problems like poor supervision, communication breakdown, and mounting plans to leave your company before expensive turnover affects your business.

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