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We’ve learned that we are our best selves when we’re paying attention to our total well-being. That means doing the work to stay physically fit, but also being mindful of eating well, minimizing stress and making time for the necessary recovery – the rest and rejuvenation that allows us to work and play another day.


That's why we're introducing the ENGAGE by EWS Fitness App, the perfect app for all your employees and their families. 

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Ready to Try It? 

We'll give you and a couple of your fellow employees a free, 2-week trial. If it doesn't meet your expectations, no worries - just let us know. If you like it (we're confident you will), we can convert your trial into an app you can share with all your employees. Fill out the form below and let's get started!

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Create a Happy and Healthy Workforce

Training Plans

Includes 1000s of ready-made workout programs for the gym, home or wherever you are, created by top global trainers and refreshed on a weekly basis. Many plans can be edited around individual needs; also use the exercise video library to create their own programs.

Progress Tracking

There’s nothing like seeing proof of progress to inspire you to keep going with your training. Exercise tracking is therefore a big part of our app, allowing your members to set goals, link the program they’re following and connect with wearables or other apps for live and ongoing performance data.

Healthy Eating

Every one of the 250,000 healthy recipes pre-loaded in the app comes with full cooking instructions and nutritional information. But that’s not all: members can add the recipes to their personal meal planner, which then calculates daily and weekly nutrition. With new recipes added every day, healthy eating need never feel repetitive.

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