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employers, facilities and homeowners

We sell, rent and offer the chairs as a service to your employees. 

- Massage Chair Sales – the ideal office perk and the gift that keeps on giving!

- Short-term Massage Chair Rentals – 3 to 5 days of unlimited use, ideal for hybrid work forces or RTO events. 

- LAIDBACK Daily Massage Service – Hire us to come to your office and massage and destress your employees as part of a wellness or appreciation event. 

Reduce Stress

Ease Muscle Pain

Recover Faster

Improve Circulation

Know What You’re Made Of


Zero Hassle. Delivered


Corporate & Event Chair Massage

We bring premium massage chairs to your office or event to give your group an unbelievable massage. These chairs blow away anything you've experienced at the mall or airport and the massage covers far more than the neck and shoulders. 


Massage Chair Sales

We're an authorized reseller of Infinity Massage Chairs. If you're looking to add chairs to your home, corporate wellness program, employee lounge, office lobby, waiting room or any other space, we can help you find the best chair. 


InBody Body Composition Analyzer

By bringing the InBody 570 Body Mass Analyzer to corporate wellness programs, fitness facilities and sports teams, we're helping employees, clients and teammates learn more about their bodies so that they can live a healthier and more productive life. 



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The International



Our Vision

We see sound physical and mental wellness as cornerstone of a healthy life. We believe you need to have a basic understanding of what you're made of in order to build a physical wellness plan. We also believe that in today's go go society, you need to take time to relax, recover and recharge. Only then can you truly experience wellness. 

Who Are We

In short, we're a lot like you. We're athletes - skiers, bike riders, tennis players, golfers, fitness enthusiasts, hikers and more. We're desk jockeys. We're dog walkers. We're students. We feel pressure and stress. We have work and family commitments. We work hard, play hard, we (try to) take care of our selves and our bodies. We enjoy the recovery process as much as it took to get there. We believe in the data today's technology offers. Most of all, we're engaged in the process of life. 

Our Technology

We've spent a lot of time at wellness-related shows and events. We've been exposed to a lot of products and technologies. As a result, we've identified Infinity Massage Chairs and InBody as the premier providers in their respective fields. We'll continue to explore and identify new technologies and we'll bring them to you when they're ready for showtime. 

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My wife, Chris, and I have a passion for being active and taking care of our bodies. We discovered the intelligent massage chairs from Infinity Massage Chairs and we knew that others would find them equally amazing. We began our business by bringing massage chairs to employers to help them with employee appreciation and wellness initiatives. We continue to do that today. With the arrival of COVID-19, we're finding sales to the home have become a significant part of our business. In addition to the chairs, we added a body composition service to help people understand the physical makeup of their bodies - information that will help them make better decisions about what to eat, the value of staying in shape and how sleep can throw everything off. We also take this to employers, sports teams and events. 




Dover, MA

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